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In all cases of allergic diseases of the respiratory tract like asthma/AR etc the aim is to eradicate the hyper responsiveness of the immune system to external allergens. Most cases have genetic influences from parents or grand parents, in such cases the genetic tendency is modified by use of appropriate medicines. Many patients are found to be suffering from deficiencies of vital elements in the body with symptoms like asthma/AR, these patients are given proper advice with few medicines to cure their condition.


The majority of the patients using any therapy for Asthma/ Allergic rhinitis or related problems know that they are fighting a lingering disease which has to be managed by use of preventive medicines. The idea of cure does not come to their mind or many have tried most so called ‘cures’ available in the market without any encouraging outcome. All hopes narrow down to continuing the same daily dosage of bronchodilators or anti-histamines in prescribed dosage and prevent flare-ups as far as possible.

Our new therapy is a shining ray of hope for people with such allergic conditions which can marginally manage as well as cure the underlying condition in most of the cases. The combination has come up after years of constant research in allergic patients.

To start our treatment plan you do not have to stop your regular Asthma/AR treatment but just add this booster therapy to your existing treatment and let it do its corrective work silently in the background.

The advantage of using our medicines are:

—we do not stop your regular Asthma /AR medicines but we have made research based changes in our medicines which can act along with the regular Asthma /AR medicines as well as make required changes in the immune system of the body to abort the disease process from its origin.

—medicine dose and strength has been adjusted so that it can work even when resisted by collateral use of strong allopathic drugs. It continues its curative action in all circumstances.

—there are no side-effects of our medicines as per our clinical research in the last 27 years.

—we use homoeopathic medicines & herbal medicine tinctures as per the requirement of the case at hand.

—we can be consulted online and medicines can be obtained at home for immune boosting without any hassle.

—we do not ask you to stop the regular asthma medicines of the patient so there is no risk of any acute flare-up or emergency management risk due to stoppage of regular medicine dosage.

—we do not use allopathic steroids or other strong drugs in our formulations.

—after the immunity has been moderated to sufficiently tolerable limits and we are satisfied with the progress of the patient, the medicines can be reduced or stopped without any withdrawal symptoms.

—the treatment plan is well tolerated by all age groups and both sexes.


—5-10% PATIENTS DO NOT RESPOND TO OUR TREATMENT. We are trying to improve our medicines in our ongoing study.

As with all treatment methods ours is also bound by limitations. It is better to understand our boundaries before starting.

—We have different plans for different age groups and conditions. It is advisable to discuss the patient condition with us so that we can recommend the best suited boosting therapy for each individual patient.

—The success rate with our medicines is about 85-90% and we do not deny variable results in different conditions.

—Please discuss the boosting therapy with your treating physician so that he can help you at all times. We presume that all modes of therapeutics are meant for improving the health of the patient and we should be respectful to all doctors belonging to any mode of therapy. Selecting the right method of applying the curative principle to the suffering individual should be done by collective consensus and only after deep analysis.

—Many people consider homoeopathic medicines to be just placebo and ineffective in any disease. We can only prove ourselves when given a chance.


In my personal opinion constitutional homoeopathic prescribing is the best mode of curative treatment available in homoeopathy. I was gifted AR & Asthma by nature to suffer and carve out a remedy for myself by the grace of almighty. It is only grace that has helped me cure thousands of patients suffering from allergic respiratory disorders & other ailments. The path has been difficult and confusing for long years till a safe & effective alternative healing method could be discovered. Medicine potency, strength and compatibility had to be formulated many times to prepare the best anti allergic remedy to prevent repeated AR or Asthma attacks. It was a challenge to overcome repeated attacks in chronic allergic patients who are already on steroids and bronchodilator puffs. Any delay or stoppage of daily dosage means precipitation of severe attacks of sneezing, asthma or stubborn catarrh.

The cardinal principles of homoeopathy bind the physician to use the most harmless medicines in the micro-minimum doses to ensure the safety of the patient at all times. It would not be wrong to state that homoeopathic medicines do not contain any active principle in material doses. The original source of medicine is broken down multiple times to release the intra-atomic & inter-molecular bonds of the source and this release of energy is stored in the vehicle(alcohol) used for dissolving the drug substance. This energy is stored in the medicine and acts through the nervous system of the patient. Our Asthma and Allergy medicines have been modified by a special technique      called Resonance Charging using sound waves which enhances the healing power of the medicines.

Both Asthma and allergic diseases have a significant genetic contribution ranging from 30-90%. The risk for development of these diseases in different individual varies according to genetic differences. Serum IgE levels, specific IgE levels and blood Eosinophil counts play a major role in contributing to development of bronchial hyper responsiveness and other allergic diseases. There are about 20,000-25,000 genes in the human body producing about 100,000 different types of proteins for mediating different functions in the human body. The typical body personality, trait, predispositions, character, age etc, are decided by these genes. The external environment, habits, foods, sleep, stress, pollution, exercise etc modify these gene expressions at the cellular level so that the genes can be switched ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ according to the external circumstances or habits. For eg; a person can have a predisposition towards a particular disease due to family history but regular exercise and good food habits can delay the onset of disease or even heal and moderate incurable diseases like diabetes and cancer. Exercise and Yoga are known to delay or even moderate many diseases since ages. This is possible by switching off the disease causing genes but at the same time bad habits like smoking, alcohol, stress, bad food, pollution etc are known to bring on or aggravate existing disease conditions. These habits switch on the disease causing genes. The body is under the influence of electrical currents and magnetic fields since the moment of its inception and all cellular activities take place by electro-magnetic induction under the influence of these two fields. Any change in the cellular ‘electro-magnetic’ environment will bring about changes in genetic expression by making subtle changes in cellular secretions which in turn can cause, modify or abort disease processes. Homoeopathic medicines are just subtle frequencies which modify cellular environment and act at the molecular level to modify cellular secretions or abort inflammatory processes due to predisposition or other causative factors. The correction is done at the gene level so that the inflammatory process is aborted before it starts. Various studies are going on now to prove the pathway taken by homoeopathic medicines which can be recognized by HPTLC (High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography). Many so-called incurable diseases have met their end by the proper use of Homoeopathic medicines. In our clinic we have cured vitiligo, hypertension, brain tumors, breast tumors, psoriasis, eczema, spondylitis, PCOS, endometriosis, asthma, allergic rhinitis emphysema, etc etc. Based on the research done on numerous Asthma & Allergic rhinitis cases we have formulated a spear headed treatment plan for people suffering from allergic respiratory disorders. The treatment plan offered is divided into Childhood Asthma OR Adult Allergic rhinitis & Asthma course. Please contact with details of the patient to help the doctor select the required plan best suited to the case.


—IMMUNITY BOOSTER —for children or adults who catch cold frequently or fall sick on slight exposure to cold in any form or allergens.



Many patients/parents come to us who have not developed any specific illness in particular but find themselves or their child falling sick more oftener than others. Any mild change in the external environment or food or place makes them indisposed and they behave as if ill if not sick. The visit to the doctor/specialist yields no diagnosis but they never remain healthy. The lab reports are normal but they feel less energized and fall prey easily to slight changes in lifestyle. Symptoms may include developing frequent colds, sneezing bouts, recurrent cough, lethargy and fever with body pain almost every week or fortnight or a month. Family history may include sinusitis, asthma or allergic rhinitis in one or both parents or in some cases neither. In such cases IMMUNE BOOSTING TONIC may help to improve the immunity of the person and delay or prevent further development of any related ailment of the respiratory tract. The medicines used may include mother tinctures, multi-floral honey and potentized medicines as per requirements of the case.

There are patients in whom cold and runny nose refuses to yield to any medicine. They are only better till they are on anti-histamines, symptoms returning after medicine is discontinued or on slightest exposure to causative allergens. They are tired of their symptoms as if there is no end to it. Family history may have one or both parents as allergic. Symptoms may include frequent coryza, sneezing bouts, redness of eyes, frequent tonsillitis, adenoids, itching of body, breathing difficulty, easy tiredness, chest tightness, coughing bouts and fever with fatigue etc. Chest specialist or physician may diagnose the patient with Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, Hyperactive Airway Disease, Sinusitis etc. these patients need IMMUNE BOOSTING THERAPY for deeper action and permanent relief. Only symptomatic relief is not our target in such cases as the problem is a two sided sword of acute distress as well as a deep seated chronic disease. The miasmatic background of the patient is altered by deep acting medicines and the causative factors are removed by deep analysis and study of the case. These cases are difficult to cure by superficial medicines and any negligence results in failure to cure permanently. The onslaught of Corona has complicated the prognosis of most cases due to repeated infections and rapid drop in the immunity levels of many patients. Repeated infections with virus is causing allergic rhinitis patients to develop breathing difficulty and spasmodic coughing. Our therapy has helped hundreds of patients in recovering fully from the clutches of asthma despite repeated acute infections.

Most Asthma/AR patients develop the disease from early childhood or later and are on constant medication. Symptoms vary from moderate to severe with varying frequency of attacks. It is our close observation after years of study done on asthma patients that the disease has an unfailing alternate pathway link in various other organs and systems of the body. Asthma or AR patients may have headaches, eczema, urticarial rashes, joint pains, gastritis, eye allergies, oral mucosal swellings, sinusitis etc which may cleverly alternate with the original malady or co-exist for years together. Strong medicines for one ailment can cause the symptoms to disappear for some time and mimic recovery whereas the other may become active. This see-saw business continues for years together without the patient realizing the actual reason behind the vicious cycle of alternating symptoms and it easily escapes the vision of any physician not sufficiently exposed to the activities of this multi-headed disease. This cycle continues to torment the patient to the end of his life with few remissions intermittently. Only the trained physician can recognize the inroads of this multi-headed monster disease and carve the path for a safe, effective, smooth and permanent cure of the disease. In such cases we use IMMUNE BOOSTING TONIC, THERAPY AND TREATMENT. It is not an easy task in most cases but still the recovery is above 90% as per our clinical records. Our special thanks to all patients who entrusted us and gave us the opportunity to serve them with our efforts. It needed utmost belief and unshaken commitment to pass through all rough times during acute attacks by keeping a deaf ear to doubters and mockers. All research goes to the credit of our patients who stood strongly with us despite all odds.


Managing the acute asthma attacks is a herculean task for any family/individual especially if associated with an acute infection. This is an area where the most trusted physician-patient rapport is shaken due to the volatility of the situation. This compels the patient to frequently switch doctor to doctor and still remain in doubt. After years of exposure to a vast variety of asthma patients we have modified our asthma treatment with medicines and plans to tackle almost varied types of asthma patients and educate them to go smoothly through acute attacks with ease without hampering the chronic immune boosting course. Our medicines are also modified to slowly soften the asthma attack intensity over time. We tried to manage all acute attacks initially with our Homoeopathic chest but many a times the patient is distant from the physician and an acute attack endangers the entire situation. The patient then seeks acute relief from the available source which has to be continued till the course is prescribed. The prescribed medicines are mostly steroids or strong antibiotics which alter the state of immunity of the patient and the line of treatment adopted for the patient by us gets disrupted. Keeping this situation in mind we have made necessary research in our approach to antidote the effects of strong drugs and also boost up the immunity of the patient in such a way that the attacks become milder or lesser. We also provide some medicines to manage the acute attacks in some cases or advice the best possible way to deal with acute attacks as the history of the case demands.

We use Homoeopathic potencies and mother tinctures of the best quality. Any mode of therapeutics which is safe and offers long lasting relief should be opted by the patient, our aim is always to provide the same. The patient can continue our therapy along with any regular medicine so that permanent cure can be achieved along with the regular asthma medicines. Our medicines are formulated to resist the antagonistic effect of any other medicines that may be continued with our therapy. This is done by discussing the dose with the doctor so that necessary changes may be incorporated in the course. Thousands of cured patients are now living a healthy life free of asthma medicines and inhalers.


NONE !!!

HOMOEOPATHY is safe because it uses the minimum dose required to bring about the desired changes in the health of any individual. It is not a suppressive method of treatment so large doses are not required. Any medicine in homoeopathy above the 18c potency does not contain the mother substance in molecular or atomic form but contains only energy in form of wavelength. The area of affinity and action of the medicine on the human body depends upon the nature of the drug substance which has been previously proved on human beings of different ages and reconfirmed hundreds of times in clinic study. The dose is infinitely small for the materialistic eye. No wonder critics call it ‘placebo medicine’.

Observations after starting our course: The Hering’s law of cure says that symptoms should go from above downwards, from within outwards, from more important to less important organs and in reverse order of appearance of symptoms during a proper cure. Most often the above mentioned path is followed by the symptoms of the patient after start of our course. This path is not a side-effect but the natural healthy course taken by the symptoms during a radical cure. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, asthma or allergic rhinitis or allergies are frequently seen adopting shared pathogenic pathway. Some scientists are viewing these as the same disease with varied clinical manifestations. No wonder most asthma patients suffer a wide range of symptoms in different parts of the body in alternating or cyclical fashion. This may explain the typical atopic trinity of asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. When our medicines start acting curatively then the allergies are driven out to less important organs like skin or they travel in the reverse order of appearance of symptoms. This may cause itching of skin or appearance of urticarial rashes on the body. This is not a side effect of the medicine but exteriorization of the disease caused by the medicine. Patience is required during this period as the itching can be annoying during summers, thankfully all patients are cured till now. No known side effects have been observed so far in our clinical research and all medicines used have been clinically used on allergic patients with excellent tolerance and positive results.


Homoeopathy has been ridiculed by many disbelievers from the moment of its inception and the resistance is as strong now due to its growing popularity. But that is laughed away by the wink of the eye by benefiters and admirers of Homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is backed by natural laws and fixed principles which guides its application of medicines to the sick. The medicines are proven on human beings of all ages and both sexes under controlled conditions and not on animals. The results obtained are repeatedly proven and re-proven in clinical experimentation which proves its scientific foundation. The disbelief starts when the medicine is viewed by the materialistic eye. There is nothing to isolate from the potency, nothing to view under the microscope. How can you view wavelength? But it acts and users are happy.

The homoeopathic potency acts through nerve endings. The entire body is governed by the nervous system. The predisposition, traits, behaviour pattern, habits etc and more than 80% diseases are governed by the genetic background of a person. Diseases can be inherited or acquired/environmental but the predisposition or constitutional tendency is genetic. The human body is made up 37 trillion cells. Every cell contains a central brain called nucleus. The nucleus contains chromosomes which in turn are made up of DNA. The DNA contain the genetic material called genes. Now each cell turns ON only a part of its genes at a time and the other genes are switched OFF or repressed at that time by a process called gene regulation. Mature RBC and cornified cells in the hairs, nails & skin do not contain nucleus. Exercise, balanced diet, meditation etc help to switch ON good genes whereas loss of sleep, bad food, alcoholism, smoking, stress can switch ON bad genes. This shows that genes can be influenced by habits and positive influence. Similarly genes can also be modified by Homoeopathic medicines, a fact that is shown by cure of incurable diseases by use of Homoeopathic medicines. Asthma and allergic diseases are considered incurable and only manageable but we have cured thousands of them in the last 27 years. Constitutional makeup of a person is decided by genes so the constitutional treatment of a person by Homoeopathy is a scientific attempt to correct the fault in those very genes which may have developed the fault due to any cause. The consideration of the exact symptomatology in detail with modifying factors in Homoeopathy is an attempt to rectify the causative factor behind the disease and not just interference at the cellular level by blocking the chemical process as done by others. The target is rectification at the root cause. Since the reason or cause is dynamic so the rectifying agent is made dynamic. Let me cite an example from my college days when late Dr.Karnad (a famous researcher in Homoeopathy) was in the OPD and a lady entered the room with a child crying incessantly and fretful to the utmost degree. The lady said that the child, 2 years old, has never smiled and is always crying. It is almost impossible to satisfy him with anything. Dr.Karnad gave him 2 doses of Antim Crud.1m and asked her to visit a week later. We all waited for the child’s return. On the 10th day the mother returned with child walking by her side holding her finger. She came to thank Dr.Karnad and said that next morning the child was not the same anymore. Now he was happy and playful. Dr.Karnad was a man of few words, he just smiled and softly said “Homoeopathy rectifies trouble making genes”. That child’s case left a question in my mind about the depth of action of Homoeopathy but it cleared many doubts too.


— 50-60% respond to treatment within 15 days to 3 months.

— 20-30% respond to treatment after 3 months to 12 months.

—10-15% respond slowly after 12 months.

—5-10% do not respond to our treatment.


     A person suffering from Asthma/AR knows that he is fighting something which can only be controlled but not cured. But after our treatment and immune boosting there are thousands of patients who are cured for more than10-20 years now.

The duration of treatment for mild to moderate cases takes about 1-2 years. Relief of symptoms may appear quite early but cure takes time. Severe cases may require treatment from 2-3 years or more depending upon individual susceptibility, immunity status and previous drugging. Most cases coming to us are already on strong allopathic drugs and steroids. We do not use any strong medication in any case as our research shows better results in milder doses.

Parents who want to build up the immunity of the child may use honey based immunity booster to ensure strong immunity of the child which may be used for 6 months or even a year. Children below 2 years of age are not given honey based boosting therapy to avoid any chances of botulism.

Patients who are affected with lung fibrosis require a very long time of treatment for the patient to come back to normal. Although the prognosis of the patient is poor but homoeopathy can come to the rescue of the patient to give him a new life.

Many patients present with some other chronic ailment which appeared after suppression of asthma/AR long time back with strong medications. In such complicated cases a different logical approach may be taken after case study.

The most frequent questions arising in the minds of a patient have been addressed so far but the vastness of possibility of doubt still remains open and can only be settled by direct questioning. Please ask your doubts on WhatsApp no: 9234003222. We shall try to reply to related & valid questions.

Some clinical findings and useful hints can be found in Instagram drsaggusasthmacure.

We do not claim any miracles though individual experiences of patients can be heartening,

Thank you, TEAM- Dr.Saggu.

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