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Frequently Asked Questions

DSARC:  TREATMENT is given to control a disease when no CURE is available, e.g. insulin in diabetes, puffs & steroids in asthma. Asthma is allergic & non-allergic broadly. Our homoeo-herbal medicines are just immune boosters. We have patients who have been on steroids for years together & after taking our medicines they   started improving. In about 1 & ½ years time they were able to leave their regular steroids & allopathic medicines, using bronchodilators only when needed. They could leave the puffs after completion of the CURE. CURE means end of a medical condition. There are patients who have not suffered a single asthma attack since more than 10 yrs after completion of our homoeo-herbal course.

DSARC: Our medicines do not contain steroids or any allopathic drugs. They are homoeopathic & herbal medicines with honey.

DSARC: We are not replacing your child’s asthma medicines with ours. Your child will continue his asthma medicines & during an acute attack please give him emergency care & medicines under supervision of a local doctor or family physician. Our medicines are not a replacement for the regular asthma medication, they are just immune boosters and when given for a period of 2-3 yrs will reduce the hyper-responsiveness of the airways to common allergens & also to external aggravating environmental factors. In due course of time your child will develop immunity to most asthma causing factors.

DSARC: Your child is probably atopic. This is just a passing phase after using our medicines. The itching will generally alternate with cold or asthma symptoms for quite sometime but do not worry as this is a good sign. If the itching becomes intolerable or spreads more and more please consult your local physician and keep me informed on mail.

DSARC: I can understand your problem, about 20-25% patients take a long time to respond to our medicines & about 5% do not respond to our medicines. I would advice you to keep patience for another 6 months. If your child does not respond even after that then we shall try the ‘BACK 2 LIFE’ course 2.

DSARC: Solid or crystallized honey is more pure than free flowing honey. The more the pollen content the easier it solidifies & higher will be its medicinal properties. Also the moisture content of honey varies from 20-80%, lower the moisture content easier it solidifies.

DSARC: Any person catching cold on change of season is not asthmatic if he does not have symptoms of asthma. A normal person can catch cold 3-6 times in a year, where as a child can catch cold 4-8 times in a year. There are more than 100 types of viruses that cause cold. If the cold does not get cured within 2 weeks or recurs frequently then these can be signs of allergy. If he catches cold in season change and responds to treatment there is no need for further medical advice in my opinion.

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