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Diagnosis And Treatment


Parents are worried to find their child labeled as ‘asthmatics’ but more often the term ‘hyperactive airway disease’ is used in place of asthma. H.A.D may be described as the tendency to catch cold frequently with breathlessness. The percentage of children suffering from H.A.D is continually on the rise due to pollution & many other factors in the fast changing modern life.

Most of the patients suffering from H.A.D / asthma have a family history of asthma, urticaria, allergic rhinitis or eczema.

If anybody has allergic asthma then most likely the person may be atopic ( asthma, eczema, & allergy co-existing or alternating with each other). In such cases there is a predisposition towards allergy. Allergy to a particular allergen may change at any time in life so that the same person becomes allergic to some other allergen.

Allergies are deep seated and difficult to remove by superficial medications. Our homoeo-herbal treatment is specially formulated to act superficially as well as alter the immune state of the patient so that the patient is no longer affected by allergic factors and leads an asthma free life. Thousands of patients have benefited from our homoeo-herbal treatment and are now living an asthma free life (see patient feedback column).

The parent / patient can co-relate the above mentioned symptoms & easily find out the presence of asthma or related conditions.

How to know whether you or your child has asthma or not ?

  1. Catching cold frequently on slight exposure to cold atmosphere or cold food?
  2. Getting greater than usual breathlessness or heavy breathing after running, laughing or after exercising?
  3. A cold or cough that does not get better within 2 or 3 weeks following a viral cold (infection) or exposure to cold.
  4. Tightness in chest , wheezing or breathlessness in cold weather, more so after exertion or at night or morning.
  5. Recurrent coughing and wheezing (noisy breathing) at night.
  6. Cough, tight chest, breathlessness or running nose after eating certain foods or drinks.
  7. Cough on laughing, crying, laughing, playing or running.
  8. Allergic symptoms like eczema, itchy eyes, itchy nose or itching elsewhere in body.
  9. Family history of asthma, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis or hyperactive airway disease.
  10. Breathlessness on exposure to dust, smoke, fumes, perfumes etc.

According to Dr. M. T. Newhouse’s asthma guide if any of the above two is ‘yes’, the child may have asthma. If more than two of the above are ‘yes’- the diagnosis of asthma is highly likely.

Duration of Treatment Required

Parents are worried to find their child labeled as ‘ASTHMATICS’ or ‘HYPERACTIVE AIRWAY DISEASE’. The problem lies in the incurability of the whole situation despite the best medication. Allergies are deep seated & difficult to remove. Allergies are mostly constitutional & can be attributed to the genetic makeup of a person. Most patients with ‘asthma’ or ‘hyperactive airway disease’ are born with a predisposition to catch cold easily. Our homoeo-herbal treatment is specially formulated & tested to alter the immune state of the patient so that the genetic predisposition to catch cold is removed permanently. Thousands of asthma patients have been benefited & cured by our homoeo-herbal combination across the country and are now living an asthma free life (see our cured patient’s review).


Due to the deep seated nature of asthma & allergies the time taken varies largely from patient to patient. Most patients start responding from the second month of medication. Severe cases take about 6-8 months to start responding to our treatment. Once improvement sets in the severity and frequency of the episodes start decreasing steadily till the patient improves permanently in due course of time. Some find total relief and cure in one & half years whilst others need treatment for 2 & half to 3 years. In the later period of treatment the patient is directed to take all foods he/she was allergic to (e.g.; cold food/fish/eggs/bananas/curd etc) and also exposure to previously aggravating situations ( eg-running/ascending stairs/exertion/heat & cold variations etc). Care is taken to see that allergy does not transform & hide taking another form (eg- urticaria/skin rash etc).


The route of cure should take Dr.Hering’s law of cure-from above downwards. From within outwards. From more important to less important organs and in the reverse order of appearance of symptoms.


During the treatment course if the patient suffers an acute attack, the patient can freely use allopathic medicines to get relief from the acute symptoms without discontinuing our medicines. (eg-bronchodilators during acute dyspnoea/ anti-histamines during acute allergy attack/ antipyretics during fevers etc, but duly prescribed by a doctor).

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