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Client Testimonals

Ramakrishna Mahato, 103 Natraj Campus, Bhatia Basti, Kadma, Jamshedpur

I was suffering from Asthma since childhood. when I was 4 years of age my father took me to Dr. Saggu, who started his treatment for 2 years 8 months. I improved steadily and in due course of time I was free from Asthma. After his treatment it has been ...

Ramakrishna Mahato
Puneet Saraogi, Gamharia, Jamshedpur.

I was suffering from asthma since childhood (age18). My parents got me treated from allopathic doctors every time I would suffer an asthma attack. Almost every month I used to fall sick with cough and breathing problems. I was tired of cough and breathing difficulty and I had lost hope ...

Puneet Saraogi
Ajay Singh, Admin & HR, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, Angul, Odisha

This is to acknowledge the acumen, since efforts, empathy of Dr.S.S.Saggu towards his patient and me. I was suffering from acute Rhinitis, Pharyngitis and sinusitis since my school days. I was very sensitive to change in weather, temperature, dust and this was greatly affecting my academics. In the period from ...

Admin & HR
Tosham Sindhu, A-3, Senior Officers Quarters, Pleasant Valley, Road number 10 C, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

I have been suffering from breathlessness and asthma since the last 18 years.  I am hyper sensitive and allergic to weather change and things like pollen and dust. Because of asthma I have been hospitalized a couple of times and have been under the treatment of various doctors.  I have ...

Senior Officers
Mr. K. Prakash (I.P.S), D.G. Police (Retd,) 36, Sangam Vihar, Sonari, Jamshedpur – 831011

More than a decade and half back my mother fell critically ill and the highly qualified doctors lost all hopes. It was at that difficult time that I opted for Homoeopathy and contacted Dr. S.S.Saggu. To the surprise and relief of all of us, including the treating doctors, Dr. Saggu ...

D.G. Police
Mr. Prasad Menon, Ex-Chairman TCES, Bombay House, Mumbai.

My first meeting with Dr. Saggu happened about six years ago on a visit to Jamshedpur. I was suffering with a very bad allergy cold and seeing my plight, one of my colleagues told me about this excellent homeopathy doctor in Jamshedpur and suggested that I meet him. Without being ...

Chairman TCES
Mrs. Pandya, Nagar Coat Appt. Kadma, Jamshedpur.

My mother Mrs.. Praful Pandya  was suffering from severe asthma since many years. Throughout the year she would keep catching cold, cough with heavy breathing & suffocation in chest. All night she would keep coughing with suffocation. We tried allopathic medicines but she got worse day by day. We then ...

Uma Brahma (Mother of Kaustav Brahma), Jayprabha Appartment, Kadma, Jamshedpur.

Kaustav Brahma had been suffering from acute asthma since the age of seven months. Under the treatment of Dr. Saggu’s, he had been administered Homeo-herbal medicine for two years. Now, he is completely cured of his illness.

Rajesh Sinha, Tata Power Co. Ltd, Jojobera, Jamshedpur.

I would like to state that my son was suffering from asthma since childhood and used to face severe bouts of coughs. After he got medication of Dr Saggu for a period of one and half year, he is better now. I would suggest the treatment to anyone suffering from ...

Soman Menon, Malakkad Road, Tripunithura, Dist.: Ernakulam, Kerala, India. PIN 682301.

My son Sparsh was suffering from severe cold & cough problem since his childhood. We tried all allopathic medicines but he fell sick every often . We were very much upset due to his health problem and have slowly he developed breathing problem and he became asthmatic. Then a friend ...

G.B.Rao, Ecc Flat Kadma, Jamshedpur – 831005.

I was suffering from frequent cold & cough with breathing problem. I went to Tata Main hospital in the year 1996 but in spite of allopathic medication my problem was persistent. Then I went to CMC Vellore in the year 1997. They diagnosed me as Asthmatic & recommended use of ...

Deepika Saraogi, 67 Ezra Street, Kolkata – 700001.

(Age: 11yrs.) Ailments (Before) • Used to have light fever through out the day • Cough and cold was a common occurrence • Had some infections Conditions after treatment: Much better • Fever problem solved • cough n cold are now rare • Infections have been healed. • All thanks ...

Sandeep Mahanti, Nager Coat Appts, Kadma Jamshedpur. – 831005.

My son Akash was suffering from Bronchial Asthma. At the age of 3 years he became susceptible to frequent bouts of cough and cold and this used to lead to severe breathing problem and he would often gasp for breath. As parents we were very concerned and being a Tata ...

Prashant Tanna, Asst. Manager (Projects), POWER LOGISTICS LLC, SULTANATE OF OMAN.

I had a major tonsillitis problem from the age of 6 and would further lead to high fever and minor breathing problems everything 2 months. I started treatment with Dr.Saggu at the age of 7 for 1 year on a homeopathic dose after which gradually I started staying fit and ...

Prakash Chandra Nayek, House No 7, Sahid Nirmal Mahato Road, Uliyan, Kadma, Jamshedpur 831 005.

My son Amarjyoti Nayek was suffering from regular cough and cold problem with attacks of Asthma since his childhood. We regularly had to visit the child specialists for his asthma problem but it always came back a fews days after the medication was over. Finally one of my friends suggested ...

45 F Adarshnagar 7th Phase South Sonari 831011

My daughter AnanyaWazalwar was sufferring from frequent cold and cough since her early age. We gave her allopathic treatment for more than two years but as soon as the course would end she would start with yet another spell of cold , cough and breathing problem. Then we came to ...

Jaideep Hazra

My Son – Deeptanshu Hazra was suffering from Asthma very since birth and had been through adversaries at a very little age. Due to asthma, he became internally and externally weak and his immunity also became very low. Due to this tendency, he used to stay awake till very late ...

Nirav Shah, Block no. 6. Shiv Darshan,p lot no. 327, 1st flr. nandapatkar Rd. Behind gabheriwadi, vile parle e

My Son Harsh Shah was suffering from frequent cough and cold since childhood. Every month we had to go to the doctor with frequent nebulization. Every cold, every draft of air would bring a new cold for him. Most of time he used to wheeze and the wheeze wouldn’t subside ...

Piya Garg And Jiya Garg

My daughters Piya Garg who is 13 yrs ..and JIYA GARG 12 yrs were prone to getting cough and cold since birth. Every now and then on slightest exposure to cold food or air they would catch a cold with cough and fever. As if cold would never leave them. ...

Mohit Kumar. H.N.396,Shiv Mandir line,New Ulidih,Dimna Road Mango,Jamshedpur-831012.

My son Mohit kumar was suffering from cold and cough problems with difficulty in  breathing ever since he was a child. When he was about 4 years old the problem became more severe and frequent. I consulted Dr.Saggu for Mohits Asthma problem and started his booster medicines in 2003. We ...

Balajeekumar 6/1 AsthaRukmanipalace.Anilsurpath road, GreenparkUlliyan JAMSHEDPUR

My daughter Baby Nishkakumari was very sensitive to weather changes and cold in all forms right from her childhood. Every month she would catch a cold ending in cough and fever with little breathing issues. When she was about 1 year old we took her to Dr.Saggu and he started ...


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