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About Dr.Saggu's Asthma Research Clinic

Dr. Saggu's Asthma Research Clinic

Dr. Saggu is a name well known for a family of Homoeopaths dedicated to the noble cause of serving people with the efficacy of Homeopathy. Dr. S.S.Saggu is the son of Dr. T.S.Saggu and Dr.(Mrs).Tajinder Saggu, both leading Homoeopaths. His grandfather Dr. G.S.Saggu was a Homoeopath and a scientific researcher of high esteem. The family is dedicated to the noble profession and is known for treating incurable medical cases from all over the world.

Dr. S.S.Saggu passed his bachelor degree from Nagpur and has topped the Nagpur University in B.H.M.S 1st & 3rd. He is equally complimented by his wife Dr. Ami Saggu, an experienced Homoeopath from Mumbai and their daughter Dr.Priyanka Saggu, an aspiring Homoeopath from Pune, who is also a clinical neuro-pscychologist and has made deep researches in the field of asthma & allergy. She has made innovative researches in the Homoeopathic application of remedies by inventing new methods of application of homoeopathic remedies by studying the behaviour patterns of different individuals and applying them to the benefit of the patients.

Dr. S.S.Saggu had a strong family history of eczema & atopic disease from both his parents. While still in 2nd year he developed severe Allergic Rhinitis for which he took Homoeopathic medicines but the ailment went on & he developed mild Asthma in 3rd year. Depressed after suffering from asthma he went on to take help from many physicians. The ailment got suppressed for some time and returned forcefully in winter. He then took a mixture of both (Homoeopathic & Herbal) which acted wonderfully to almost cure his asthma in about 6-8 months. He started working on the Homoeo-Herbal formula while still a student with a dream of curing people suffering from this incurable disease. For the past 27 years after completion of his degree he has successfully treated thousands of Asthma patients from all over the world. Overwhelmed with the astonishing results from the medicine they have decided to spread the grace to the suffering humanity.

Dr. Priyanka Saggu is the 4th generation Homoeopath of the same family. She has been dealing with complex cases since her 4th year of college under the guidance of her parents. She has completed her B.H.M.S from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. She has the experience of working as a physician  assistant in a cardiac clinic as well as residential medical officer in neurosurgery & epilepsy unit of Deenanath Mangeshwar Hospital, Pune. Currently she is pursuing her masters in Neuropsychology at Christ University, Bangalore.

Dr.Priyanka’s areas of interest are in treating neurological, psychiatric cases with the amalgamation of her knowledge of Homoeopathy & Neuropsychology. She additionally has experience in treating cases involving gynaecology & endocrine system, gastrointestinal diseases and all allergic diseases of the respiratory tract. Her expertise in Neuropsychology makes her efficient in dealing difficult cases of psycho-somatic illnesses which are numerous in todays world, She efficiently solves difficult cases using her deep knowledge of Mind, Body & Soul.

Her approach towards every case, no matter what the disease, starts from the mental states covering as many areas as possible.

She is also trained in performing assessments for brain functions and psychological cases by using various evidence based tools, following which she prepares cognitive rehabilitation charts for every case that is assessed.

Dr.Priyanka’s special skills:

  • Homoeopathic management & holistic approach
  • Soul-Mind-Body approach
  • Therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Relaxation therapy and guided Imagery therapy for emotional regulation
  • Neuropsychological assessments for brain functions
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation for brain function enhancement.

Clients Testimonials

Read what my clients say about our success that they’ve achieved.
Ramakrishna Mahato, 103 Natraj Campus, Bhatia Basti, Kadma, Jamshedpur

I was suffering from Asthma since childhood. when I was 4 years of age my father took me to Dr. Saggu, who started his treatment for 2 years 8 months. I improved steadily and in due course of time I was free from Asthma. After his treatment it has been ...

Ramakrishna Mahato
Puneet Saraogi, Gamharia, Jamshedpur.

I was suffering from asthma since childhood (age18). My parents got me treated from allopathic doctors every time I would suffer an asthma attack. Almost every month I used to fall sick with cough and breathing problems. I was tired of cough and breathing difficulty and I had lost hope ...

Puneet Saraogi
Ajay Singh, Admin & HR, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, Angul, Odisha

This is to acknowledge the acumen, since efforts, empathy of Dr.S.S.Saggu towards his patient and me. I was suffering from acute Rhinitis, Pharyngitis and sinusitis since my school days. I was very sensitive to change in weather, temperature, dust and this was greatly affecting my academics. In the period from ...

Admin & HR
Tosham Sindhu, A-3, Senior Officers Quarters, Pleasant Valley, Road number 10 C, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

I have been suffering from breathlessness and asthma since the last 18 years.  I am hyper sensitive and allergic to weather change and things like pollen and dust. Because of asthma I have been hospitalized a couple of times and have been under the treatment of various doctors.  I have ...

Senior Officers
Mr. K. Prakash (I.P.S), D.G. Police (Retd,) 36, Sangam Vihar, Sonari, Jamshedpur – 831011

More than a decade and half back my mother fell critically ill and the highly qualified doctors lost all hopes. It was at that difficult time that I opted for Homoeopathy and contacted Dr. S.S.Saggu. To the surprise and relief of all of us, including the treating doctors, Dr. Saggu ...

D.G. Police
Mr. Prasad Menon, Ex-Chairman TCES, Bombay House, Mumbai.

My first meeting with Dr. Saggu happened about six years ago on a visit to Jamshedpur. I was suffering with a very bad allergy cold and seeing my plight, one of my colleagues told me about this excellent homeopathy doctor in Jamshedpur and suggested that I meet him. Without being ...

Chairman TCES

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