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For Children with


  • Frequent Cough & Cold
  • Weak Immune System
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Hyperactive Airway Disease
  • Childhood Asthma


What makes DIVINE-1 the right choice?


  • Does not contain Allopathic medicines or steroids.
  • Can be used as an immune system toner along with any medication.
  • Provides immune system support and enhances disease fighting abilities in children.
  • Tonic effect. Makes the child feel healthier, stronger and less tired.
  • No chemicals. No sideeffects. Mild in action.
  • Unique product. Fast acting. In most cases shows results within weeks.

PRECAUTION — Please do not discontinue your child’s regular medication without consulting your doctor.

DIVINE-1(THE IMMUNE BOOSTER).……..Are you troubled by your child’s frequent cold and cough?? Is your child’s cough not responding to medication?? Does your child cough on laughing, crying, running or shouting?? Does your child have breathlessness with cough?? Does your doctor suspect your child may develop Asthma???  In such conditions maybe we can help with DIVINE-1.


The most common conditions in which DIVINE-1 may be helpful include- FREQUENT COUGH AND COLD CONDITIONS IN CHILDREN, CHILDHOOD ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, HYPERACTIVE AIRWAY DISEASE, ALLERGIC RHINITIS AND FREQUENT TONSILLITIS. The effect of DIVINE-1 is both tonic and curative. The product has been rigorously tested and proved in our asthma clinic “Dr.Saggu’s Asthma Research Clinic” for the past 20 years in preventing Allergic Respiratory Conditions in children. We use this as an immune system tonic in addition to the constitutional treatment in allergic children and the results obtained are very encouraging.  DIVINE-1 has a tonic effect of making the child feel  healthier, stronger and less tired. You can visit to see details of Childhood Allergies and understand other details that may help you prevent Allergies and Asthma in children.


The Homoeopathic medicines are mixed together and added to pure water charged by a rare method using sound energy. The piezoelectric effect charges the water medium to enhance healing in the human body and also boosts the immune system dynamically. DIVINE-1 is a combination product of three bottles. All three are aimed at boosting the immune system of the child naturally and without any side-effects. Just adding nutrients to your child’s diet plan helps only partially if your child is suffering from an underlying, deep seated and chronic ailment like Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma or Hyperactive Airway Disease. Something more corrective may be needed to eradicate the underlying pre-disposition, here is where DIVINE-1 may help.

1: Bryonia Alb— Powerful preventive and curative medicine for cold and cough during change of season, temperature variation, hot days and cold nights. Especially effective in children with dry mucus membranes, dry cough, night cough. Pain in chest with cough. Boosts immunity to withstand thermal variations in all seasons.


2: Rhus Tox—Builds up resistance for tolerance of cold air and neutralizes effects of cold bathing after overheating and sea or river bathing. Cough , cold and fever after exposure to cold in any form, in wet weather. Dry cough at night. Breathlessness after cold. Boosts immunity against exposure to extremes of radiant cold in children.


3: Pulsatilla Nig—Dry or loose cough with copious mucus formation. Coryza with stopped nose. Loss of smell. Urticaria in atopic children after rich food. Loose cough with  vomiting of mucus. Asthma from suppressed urticaria. Ever changing symptoms with sluggish circulation. Cough worse at night or lying down.


4: Aconite Nap—Coryza with sneezing bouts. Powerful preventive for cold and cough. Sensitive to cold air or cold in any form. Night cough with dyspnoea. Will often abort a developing cold before it settles down. Is prophylactic in cold and flu.


5: Ipecac—Asthma with yearly attacks. Continued coryza and sneezing. Suffocative cough with hoarseness of voice, nausea and vomiting with shortness of breath. Rattling cough in chest without expectoration. Bronchopneumonia. Asthma with skin diseases. Difficult breathing from least exercise, as if child would suffocate from mucus. Eases cough and asthma by its action on pneumogastric nerve.


6: Urtica Urens— Urticaria in allergic children which may appear after reduction in cough or asthma symptoms.Eases itching of urticaria in children. Itching worse heat.

Bottle ‘C’ is a combination of herbal tinctures which is to be used in combination with pure honey for immune boosting.


1: Senega.Q—Helps to reduce catarrhal symptoms. Eases breathing and chest constriction in asthmatic children. Helps expectoration of mucus from chest and clear inflammation.


2: Echinacea Angust.Q— A natural immune-booster. Helps clear stuffy nose and post-nasal discharge. Eases pain of pectoral muscles in spasmodic cough and dyspnoea.


3: Ocimum Sanctum.Q— A proven remedy in many Indian therapeutic systems for chronic and acute cough. As a prophylactic in cases of cough. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Has detoxification properties hence useful in protecting the body against pollution and toxic inhalations. Increases immune function(Th1 and Th2). Apigenin, a compound in Ocimum is effective against H1NI and Swine Flu.


4: Justicea Adhatoda.Q—Is useful in fluent coryza with much sneezing. Paroxysmal cough with copious mucus, breathing difficulty and tightness of chest. Useful in hoarse voice with cough. Whooping cough. In asthma attacks, cannot stay in closed, warm room.


5: Grindelia Robusta.Q— Acts on the pulmonary circulation. Asthma with much expectoration. Difficult breathing due to abnormal accumulation of mucus in smaller bronchi. Chronic bronchitis and bronchorrhoea. Helps in prevention of hay-fever and asthma flare-ups.

The above herbal tincture combination with pure honey offers substantial symptom relief in coryza, cough and asthma flare-ups. It also acts as a valuable natural immune booster coupled with a balanced diet in weak children. Regular intake of the tincture combination with honey can prevent colds and arrest an allergic cough in the starting phase. Pure, raw honey provides powerful immune boosting due to presence of flower nectars that contain plant polyphenols and other important phytochemicals.

DIVINE-1 is a tonic combination formulated to be used in chronic respiratory disorders commonly found in children. It is not a cough syrup or bronchodilator to be used in acute respiratory distress. We recommend its use as a long term corrective tonic. The average duration to be used varies largely from patient to patient and on severity of the underlying chronic malady but on an average the user should continue the therapy for a period of 2 years or longer, till satisfactory recovery has been obtained.


A: First replace sealing inner cap with the one provided in the box or you can also pierce a hole using a sterile needle in the existing inner cap. The dropper has a hole in the centre to take doses in drops when required. Dose– 5 drops at Night ½ hour before or after dinner. For children below 5 years of age keep dosage to 3 drops only.


B: First replace sealing inner cap with the one provided in the box or you can also pierce a hole using a sterile needle in the existing inner cap. The dropper has a hole in the centre to take doses in drops when required. Dose– 7 drops two times a day ½ hour before or after meals.


C: This medicine should be mixed with 200-250gms pure, multi-floral, raw honey. Shake the honey after mixing the tincture and give one teaspoon honey(7-8 gms) daily in empty stomach morning or evening. We recommend DR HONEY which is pure, raw, multi-floral forest honey. If pure honey is not available, give 7-8 drops in 1 tablespoon water empty stomach morning or evening.


NOTE- Replace droppers with stoppers in case of travel by air as air pressure changes may force liquid out of the bottle during travel.


  • Do not expose medicines to direct sunlight or keep near perfumes. The effectiveness of the medicines may be reduced by such exposures!
  • If your child is undergoing any treatment by a local chest specialist then we do not recommend you to stop the child’s regular medication. You can add DIVINE-1 to your child’s recovery plan and help him improve his/her immunity. After starting DIVINE-1 as an immunity booster keep monitoring the child’s health recovery by a local physician or by maintaining a recovery chart at home. If better, keep giving him DIVINE-1 as per dosage till full or maximum recovery is obtained.
  • Atopic children may manifest few allergic symptoms such as- Itching of eyes or nose, urticaria, redness of eyes, itching or appearance or rash on skin. These symptoms are not side-effects of any medicines in DIVINE-1 but part of the recovery process. If symptoms persist even after continuing DIVINE-1 for more than a month, stop DIVINE-1 and meet a specialist.
  • Follow food restrictions strictly to get best results. Please go through and read the ‘PREVENT ASTHMA’ section for better understanding of precautions to be taken.

Each DIVINE-1 box contains:

  • 1 x 10ml DYNAMIC BOOSTER (A)
  • 1 X 30ml DYNAMIC BOOSTER (B)
  • 1 information leaflet
  • 3 dropping plugs for each phial or bottle.
  • The contents in DIVINE-1 are not a medical advice.
  • DIVINE-1 is intended to be used as an immune booster only. The DIVINE-1 booster is not a substitute to traditional medical treatment. If your child has asthma or any other similar severe medical condition then we advise you to keep your child under proper professional medical treatment and make DIVINE-1 booster therapy only a part of the child’s recovery plan, as an immune booster.
  • Even if you get good results from DIVINE-1 booster, never neglect proper medical advice from a chest specialist. We disclaim any liability arising due to neglect or delay in giving proper medical attention to the child on behalf of the parents/guardian.
  • Always consult your physician if you believe your child is ill or for any disease condition, fever, rash, itching, redness of eyes or skin, breathlessness, headaches or any other symptoms lasting more than a week.
  • I, DR.S.S.SAGGU, disclaim any liability based on information provided in DIVINE-1.
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